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Control Systems Services became a Fluke stockist in 2014. We currently hold stock of a number of Thermographic Cameras along with other items from the Fluke range including Voltage and Continuity Testers. Below is a list of some of the cameras currently in stock – All the cameras we stock come with Fluke Connect:

Performance Series

  • Fluke Tis20 Infrared Camera (fixed focus camera with 120×90 resolution and three presets of IR-Fusion® with AutoBlend) – £1,295.00, Current Offer Less 10% £1,165.50 Tis20 Spec **From 01/11/17 to 31/12/17 An additional 5% discount is available bringing the cost down to £1,100.75
  • Fluke Tis45 Infrared Camera ( Manual Focus 160×120 resolution and IR-Fusion® with AutoBlend and PIP mode) – £2,095.00, Current Offer Less 10% £1,885.50 Tis45 Spec

TiS10 Infrared Camera with Fluke Connect

Professional Series

  • Fluke Ti200 Infrared Camera (ruggedized high resolution 640×480 capacitive touch screen, Fluke IR-Fusion® technology with AutoBlend™ mode, IR-PhotoNotes™ Voice recording and annotation, and much more)- £4,705.00, Current Offer Less 10% £4,235.50 Ti200 Spec

Fluke Ti200 Thermal Imaging Camera with Fluke Connect

Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and postage. For more information on our range please Contact Us.


Fluke Image 2

General Specifications Ti400-Ti200

Fluke Smartview software

LaserSharp Auto Focus Video

Fluke Connect