Room Occupancy Monitor

One issue many people face is ensuring too many people aren’t in a small room all at once.  Our solution is a small, easily installed device to count how many people enter and exit a room.  Once fitted, the room capacity can be set, and then the screen displays how many people currently occupy the room. The screen also displays the capacity, and whether it is safe to enter or not.

The system also detects when people are walking too closely together and will show a prompt and make a sound to remind people to follow social distancing rules.

The system also has a cleaning prompt feature. This can be configured to periodically show a prompt for cleaning, or if a set amount of people have entered and exited to the room, whichever comes first. This is to help avoid unnecessary cleaning, and to prompt for cleaning if the room sees a high turnover of people. 

Room Occupancy Monitor Info Sheet

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